What members say

"Boston/Cambridge would not have made so much progress in creating choices for people if it weren't for LivableStreets!"

"LivableStreets is advocating for better transportation and a more balanced and healthy use of public space in ways that few, if any, local organizations have done before, and with great success. That, along with the ideas they present and their inspiring speakers and events, gives me hope and makes me want to be a part of the movement for change."

"LivableStreets is an amazing organization that does a lot with a little and has a big impact."

"LivableStreets does a remarkable job staying in touch with the public, its members, and listening to the needs and wishes of the community and advocates all around. I have learned so much through newsletters, events, and excited to see the great things LivableStreets does in the years ahead."

"Events have raised visibility of issues and provided a sense of community."

"LivableStreets alerted me to critical decisions being made about the public streets and places in my city that will shape what it looks like for the next generation or more. Their research and publications not only keep me up to date and aware but also provide the thinking to figure out how these projects and policies can make it better for me to walk, bike, and take transit to maintain my car-free, or someday car-light lifestyle."

"LivableStreets continually provides alternative ways to think and dream about transportation in our communities. Knowing about options and possibilities helps me believe we can make our cities places of connection and community instead of areas of stress and fear."

"LivableStreets has been an inspiration for me and an important informational resource for me that helps me stay connected locally and to creative, groundbreaking ideas in urban transportation."

"For me, LivableStreets strengthens the sense that there are others out there who are like-minded and committed to improvements in the transportation infrastructure that will reduce our collective carbon footprint and bring direct health benefits."

Testimonials are from our anonymous annual member survey, 2011.

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