September 4, 2009

Portland Cycletrack
Portland, Oregon's new cycletrack
(Photo courtesy BikePortland)

In the news this week, the Boston Globe discusses the importance of mode shift and readily available road closure information with a multitude of bridge and roadway construction projects happening simultaneously. The Globe editorializes that the state should ensure enforcement of nighttime work hours and staggering road closures along parallel routes to help relieve traffic jams.

The Phoenix compares the reporting of cyclist crashes in Boston, where only a small subset is reported to the RMV, to that of Cambridge, where bicycle-related crashes are meticulously recorded and reported; the top crash locations in both cities are also discussed. A letter in response to the Globe's previous article about the Mass Ave reconstruction project in Arlington is featured, that hopes to set the record straight about how much support there actually is for the new design.

Slate discusses how traffics tickets can actually be a good thing, for both increasing safety and catching other crimes. Many articles popped up this week about the development of high-speed rail in America, including the beginning of a series of stories by NPR.  NPR also takes a look at the new almost-complete bike station at Union Station in Washington DC. Also, the idea of banning texting while driving is gaining traction, and according to the WSJ, now has wide support across all generations.

Copenhagenize illustrates how most motorways into and out of Copenhagen have bicycle paths alongside them. The City Fix shows us new trolleybuses that are being tested in Bologna, Italy that are self-guided by dashed stripes on the roadway, allowing them to get right up against the platforms with ease.




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