Beyond the Motor City - movie screening

Beyond the Motor City movie screening 

Thursday, June 17, 7 pm

Sponsored by OnTheMove Coalition

LivableStreets office, 100 Sidney St, Cambridge, MA 02139 (map)
Free and open to the public. Suggested donation.  

LivableStreetsBeyond the Motor City is a new PBS documentary directed by acclaimed filmmaker Aaron Woolf (King Corn). The movie  examines how Detroit, a grim symbol of America's diminishing status in the world, may come to represent the future of transportation and progress in this country. The film explores Detroit's historic investments in infrastructure-from early 19th-century canals to the urban freeways that gave The Motor City its name and made America's transportation system the envy of the world.

But it also reveals that over the last 30 years, much of the world has left Detroit-and America-behind, choosing faster, cleaner, more modern transportation.  In a journey that takes us into the neighborhoods of Detroit and then beyond to Spain, California, and our nation's capital, Beyond the Motor City urges us to ask how a symbol of America's urban decay might transform itself into a model of urban revitalization. Can we finally push America's transit system into the 21st century?

Come watch with fellow community members, and participate in a discussion afterwards about the future of transportation in America lead by OnTheMove Coalition.

About OnTheMove:
OnTheMove is a coalition of community based organizations in greater Boston that came together starting in 2000 to advocate for transportation justice. Our goal is an environmentally sustainable and socially just transportation system that is integral to the preservation and creation of livable communities. Coalition members include Action for Regional Equity, Alternatives for Community and Environment, Bikes Not Bombs, Bowdoin St. Health Center, LivableStreets Alliance, MassPIRG, Sierra Club, Arborway Committee, T Riders Union.