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Charles River Basin Bridges

LivableStreets Alliance launched a Charles River Better Bridges Campaign to ensure that along with structural repairs, improvements for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and overall safety are made as part of each project. Why now? The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is overseeing the reconstruction of the bridges in the Charles River Basin between Boston and Cambridge over the next couple of years as part of the State's Accelerated Bridge Program.

LivableStreets wants better bridges that are safe, rebalanced and healthy.
Safe streets and intersections for everyone including our most vulnerable users.
Rebalanced equally for bicyclists, pedestrians, public transportation and private cars.
Healthy more accessible communities that give people opportunities to drive less.

LivableStreets' past efforts
When the Charles River Basin Bridges were first announced as part of the Accelerated Bridge Program, LivableStreets raised the importance of ensuring that the program not just reconstruct the bridges in place, but improve the designs to every extent possible to be truly multi-modal, so that they serve the needs of today and tomorrow. Because of our efforts, MassDOT has brought outside consultants that specialize in bicycle and pedestrian facilities onto the ABP team. Along with other advocates we have provided official comments and design ideas to MassDOT. We have begun giving
presentations to neighborhood groups and other organizations that are located in and around the Charles River to raise awareness about what is happening and discuss the possibilities.
> Read LivableStreets' Letter to DCR Commission Sullivan (December 9, 2008)                                

Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Access
As part of the Accelerated Bridge Program, and as a result of LivableStreets' advocacy efforts, MassDOT has hired a consulting team to conduct a Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Access Study to address connections from neighborhoods, institutions, and business districts to and from the path network along the Charles River Basin. The consulting team will make recommendations on bicycle and pedestrian designs for each of the bridges and intersections on each side of the bridges, as well as improvements to the path network itself.

Sample of successes to date



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LivableStreets Citizen's Information Handouts from past meetings:
> River St / Western Ave Bridges: LivableStreets citizens' information handout 
> BU Bridge: LivableStreets citizens' information handout 
> Craigie Bridges (Museum of Science): LivableStreets citizens' information handout


In the news
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For more information about LivableStreets' work around the Charles River Basin, please contact Jackie Douglas at Government public information list serve:
To be added to MassDOT’s public information distribution list, individuals can contact: Stephanie Boundy, Public Outreach Coordinator, Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Accelerated Bridge Program, 617/973-8049,

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